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 Welcome to meenamanwani.com

   I am  Meena Manwani.  I belong to a sindhi family.  From Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India).    

  My hobby is writing, reading & cooking.  I am a tutor-teacher.  But the tuition class is currently postponed in Corona’s sitution.  I started my blog journey from April 2020.

    I was drinking masala tea from home made tea masala with my family, I was having a discussion on tea(chai pe charcha) together, children sujeestd to me for blogging, now the question was which topics write the content.  My husband asked to write on cooking.  And that is why I have written my first content on Chai-Masala.  Apart from this, till date I have written recipes elsewhere, which include Sindhi, Gujarati, North Indian, South Indian, Maharashtrian and Festival recipes. I will keep adding similar recipes in future.


Indian recipes

 meenamanwani.com  is an Indian recipe tutorial website that inspires people to cook at home and provides guidance to beginners. Through this platform we provide detailed guidelines covering aspects of basic cooking measurements, including cooking temperature, flame intensity and cooking time.  It is easy to understand step by step with the instruction pictures.  This is a blog that helps you cook.  You can easily prepare all dishes using locally available ingredients in any Indian kitchen.  Through this website, those people who like to cook at home will get help.  If you are one of the early cookers, then it is very useful for you.  Through this platform you will get to learn simple recipes.

  I have covered Hindi & English language in this blog; And it is explained in very simple words.

 In the blogging journey, I get a lot of support from my family, like my husband Prem gives ideas for writing content, my son about seo and my daughter gives photography ideas.

 Thanks for reading!

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